Saturday, September 19, 2020

Feminism Is Not Ridiculous

Yes, everything about identity politics is vile. But bear with me. 

Political correctness has become so extreme, society is coming full circle. The weaponized fraction of the population who is transgender has forced the 51% of us with XX chromosomes to defend women’s rights. Yes, we must have women’s sports! Girls can’t compete with men… not even in the Oppression Olympics!

Ugh, can you feel the slime of grievance culture creep into our chat? All that preoccupation with labels and genitals? Before you insist that feminism was ruined by false accusations of sexism and the #MeToo victimhood circus (epitomized in the SCOTUS Brett Kavanaugh gang-rape fraud), please, come to my parlor and have a seat. Can I get you some tea? 

Femininity is what I think can save feminism.

Feminism is worth saving because it can be soft landing pad for ex-liberal women (oh, sorry: cisgender menstruators) like me. We can say, “I’m a conservative now but I still care about girls’ sports and female advancement worldwide.” We don’t have to be completely disoriented. We can say, “I’m still a progressive in that I don’t abide by Saint Paul’s injunction against women speaking up in church. Christianity is a bulwark of conservative values. But even the Bible can’t override a woman’s Constitutional First-Amendment right to free speech in America. And I notice the Bible doesn’t mention abortion once. It doesn't even mention gynecological surgeries. Is it possible that the world has changed slightly in two thousand years?” 

Feminism is also an essential defense for western civilization against Islamist terrorism, stealth jihad, and the Deep State’s use of Muslim separatism for black-supremacist violence like the murder of white cops and BLM riots. The physical reality of females (smaller stature, pregnancy, caring for infants and children, etc.) is a vulnerability that can open hearts to defend them against evil. We can stand against Muslim sexism, honor killings, child brides, “Eve teasing,” and being forced to marry your rapist…

(Sorry to have to share this photo. May God’s love cradle the hearts of all who suffer.) 

The Democrats’ support for late-term and “post-birth abortion” infanticide has repelled a lot of Left-leaning women. Who doesn’t know that motherhood is sacred? Well, did you notice during the Cov!d scamdemic when conservatives protested the (unscientific) mask mandates by ironically saying, “My Body, My Choice”? Preserving feminism can protect your body from totalitarian medical assaults like mandatory vaccines. The “right to choose” is something even liberals can understand.

Sorry to bring up abortion again. (Don’t spill your tea! Say, would you like a biscuit?) I’m an incest survivor whose dad choked a little girl (me) with his dick. So the mask mandate suffocates me doubly. Power is abused. I'm bothered by the right-wing slathering over the death of SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsberg and its threat to Roe v. Wade. Once a boyfriend reached in and pulled out my diaphragm, saying, “I’ll get you pregnant so you’ll really belong to me.” Yes, these things really do happen. And abortion is a topic I’d be happy to debate with you. 

My godlike ability to create life shouldn't end my basic human right to sovereignty over my own body. 

My body is my own property and I will deal appropriately with anyone who thinks otherwise.

To me, feminism is a woman being accountable for herself.

I’ve traveled the world, seeing first-hand the damage of rigid gender roles and oppression of girls. I’ve endured decades of the satanic elites’ exploitation of sex. I’m old enough to have had a mother who really was stifled by being identified only as a sex object and a mommy. We in USA can be free from that prison. Femininity should be liberating, empowering and fun! 

I adore the song “I’m Proud to be an American (God Bless the USA)” that Trump plays at rallies. But it’s a gut punch when Lee Greenwood sings, “I won’t forget the men who died to give that right to me.” Women like me risk everything to do what’s right. Must we be negated even beyond martyrdom? How hard is it to change the lyric to “Those who died”?

But thanks for the reminder that yes, I’m still a feminist. I think women count. Even dead ones.

I love men but find female beauty to be right up there with Mother Nature as the crowning glory of God’s Creation. So I’ll close with another photo of my favorite feminist heroine. May we wield our XX chromosomes with glee!

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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Trump's Environmental Record

I resented Bernie for all the hours I spent on his campaign, just to have him endorse Hildabeast in 2016. But now I’m grateful: if I hadn’t seen the DNC machinery in real time, I wouldn’t have realized the full extent of globalist mind control. Now I don’t just doubt the Democrat narrative on climate change; I know it’s a psyop. 

But Trump’s head of EPA said, "I do not believe that climate change is a hoax." 

Once you get away from mainstream propaganda, you have to dig for actual source material and question everything. Whom can I trust for non-partisan information? Scientists aren’t reliable; they’re as compromised as politicians. So it’s taken me a while to pass judgment on Trump’s record on the environment

His “America First” policy can help reduce pollution by luring industry away from unaccountable countries like China, back to where environmental regulations exist. 

And the Town Hall last Thursday mentioned the EPA

"I want to have the cleanest air on the planet. I want to have the most crystal clear, beautiful water on the planet.” ~ POTUS

Source transcript:

TOWN HALL AUDIENCE David Hines of PA: Everyone supports protecting the environment, but the EPA seems too focused on complex regulations, fines, fees, and lawsuits. What can you do to lead the EPA to focus more on proactive compliance, instead of punitive enforcement to protect the environment?

THE PRESIDENT: David, I love the question, because our EPA is much different. We’re very tough, but we get things done and we’re taking regulations off like nobody has ever seen. And I say very simply: I want to have the cleanest air on the planet. I want to have the most crystal clear, beautiful water on the planet. And our conditions now are much better than they were three years ago….

….I was able to get the country going because so many jobs were stopped by not only EPA, so many other agencies, where you’d have to go get 11 different permits for essentially the same thing.

I opened up LNG plants in Louisiana where they were for years — for 10, 12, 14 years and longer — trying to get permits….. I got them built: a 10-billion-dollar plant in Louisiana; the Keystone XL pipeline. ….The Dakota Access Pipeline ….Forty-eight thousand jobs. And…. it’s better than having a train going up and down tracks….. Plenty of bad things happen with those trains. [With pipelines] you’re underground — environmentally better.

Of course Greenies are brainwashed by “alternative” mass media and Hollywood to believe that the planet will be uninhabitable in a couple years due to fossil fuels. So the question for them is: can a thriving modern economy help Mother Nature better than their ideal of a nation of subsistence farms? Their hysterical answer of course is NO, and all Conservatives are pollution who should die of Corona and serve as organic fertilizer. But Greenies stopped reading as soon as I quoted POTUS. So let’s proceed here as if we all want a healthy ecosystem that includes a modern lifestyle.

"We're committed to conserving the majesty of God’s creation and the natural beauty of our world.”Trump

Corruption poisons the fruit of any idealistic government policies. Yet, against ruthless opposition, Trump has been keeping his campaign promises. Deep-state criminals tried to overthrow him with the Russia/impeachment hoaxes because he continues to “drain the swamp” by dispersing power away from the federal center, dividing the prize (as it were). Smaller stakes mean thinner fat cats. 

His EPA wants states to “assume more active enforcement roles” in pollution control. The buck will stop closer to home when D.C. is removed from local issues. Federal regulations are more convenient for the CIA/Bush/Clinton cabal: they had to install, blackmail or buy off fewer power brokers. I believe their corruption is entrenched down to the municipal level (see: secret societies like Masons). But that’s harder for the crime lords to control in the face of millions of activists like me who are emboldened by Trump’s support. That’s why their cabal calls patriots “deplorable domestic terrorists.” You and I can make the moral choice.

We interrupt this programming for propaganda from a mind-controlled mouthpiece.

Oregon Wild, rural activists, and other organizations have been monitoring the activities of Timber Unity, an organization that has fomented walkouts and cheered in the collapse of democratic norms, with increasing alarm. A new report documents how militia groups, Alt Right, and dangerous conspiracy theorists have become a mainstream part of Timber Unity, and its leaders have refused to disavow these connections. Even now, Timber Unity members are engaged in xenophobic tirades targeting China and people of Chinese ancestry, and a bullying campaign against the Oregon Food Bank.” 
OMG!!! Vicious patriots are taking food out of the mouths of the poor!!!


Obama had the opportunity to ban Round-Up in 2009. Hillary was a darling of Monsanto, so we’re breaking even with Trump’s decision on glyphosate. [Side note: I know Greenies who use Round-Up themselves, since it’s so effective. I use vinegar/soap and a hoe but I could see the comparatively devastating effects when my neighbor sprayed Round-Up through the fence onto my veggie garden. Trump’s right: build a wall.]

Don’t use Round-Up. Don’t eat GMOs. 
End of sermon. 

Obama posed self-righteously on a glacier soon after he okayed drilling for oil in the Arctic. He was the figurehead overseeing EPA disasters and cover-ups. Too many buddies of Obama proved to be criminal frauds who made fortunes while acting as public servants. So one wonders: were his environmental efforts actually money laundering operations to pay off his cabal’s minions? If melting ice caps cause rising sea levels, why did Obama buy a waterfront mansion? Many a cynic, surveying the Big Picture, might say that Obama is a lying hypocrite because his handlers use climate change to impoverishWestern countries to usher in their globalist One World government.

Or maybe Obama was just a hapless failure.

Trump has joined the One Trillion Trees Initiative to absorb carbon. Other Republicans are addressingclimate concerns from the perspective of free-market principles rather than the bloated government “solutions” that Obama already proved don’t work.

Anyone who’s been to a third-world country (or a local homeless camp) noticed litter. Uncontrolled sewage seeps into waterways. Poor folk cut down trees for fuel. Deforestation can lead to mudslides and floods. “Bush meat” means people eat wildlife. Poverty is bad for ecosystems.

Are rich women the answer?

Research shows the tremendous contribution women can make for their communities when they’re economically advantaged. That inspired me to start my charity Fanged Wilds and Women Program in 2009. At the time, I was just as hysterical about climate change as Antifa is now. But I wanted a wildlife project that would appeal to Conservatives instead of just preaching to the choir. (I’m tickled that my involvement in politics has exposed more Republicans to the best of ecofeminism.) I proved the feminist research correct: instead of rioting downtown, I was a lady and created a constructive solution. But I might have become an anarchist if I hadn’t been earning a decent living. The strong economy can spawn many dedicated, nature-loving women like me.

For a while, my life was a microcosm of what the globalist cabal and Democrats want: in 2009, after thirty years of absorbing global-warming propaganda, I saw a moral imperative to focus on climate change. I did. My livelihood was no longer my priority. I was willing to end up penniless.

By some miracle, I didn’t go broke. And with Trump as President, our country won’t go broke either!

Now let’s help him conserve the majesty of God’s creation and the natural beauty of our world.

Drain the mainstream-media pollution and Hollywood slime from your brain.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Why I don't freak out about Climate Change

What do you think of the poster girl for climate change, Greta Thunberg?

I got hysterical about climate change ten years ago. The children! The horror! So I decided to leverage any resource at hand to inspire activism. Look at my results, You will discern that my resources are not considerable. The greatest expense was my dignity; I sacrificed all social goodwill if there was any chance of benefit to the cause. [Translation: I begged, nagged and emotionally blackmailed.] There was a moral imperative to risk friendships (and eventually my life) because I believed what mainstream media such as NPR told me about the environment.

Ten years later, gone is any illusion. Did you have a laugh when I said I believed mainstream media? Now maybe you’ll shed a tear for me: I did presentations at places like the Unitarian Church, Breitenbush Retreat Center, and other left-wing enclaves and… let’s just say the response was a free-range goose egg. Liberal friends who “walk the talk” about Mother Nature (eating organic, going for hikes with the Sierra Club, etc.) ridiculed my efforts. My core idea – that one insignificant woman can make a difference – may have rubbed against their self-satisfaction. I hoped they’d say to themselves, "If that pipsqueak nitwit can do more, so can I.” But I reckon that, instead, they just got more self-righteous about voting Democrat and blaming everything on GOP and, after 2016, Trump.

My only concern was how to be accountable yet effective. Rather than creating Fanged Wilds and Women Program, should I have just volunteered for Sierra Club? My worst suspicions about Sierra Club were confirmed when they endorsed Monsanto darling Hillary Clinton instead of the 2016 candidate who made genuine noises about the environment, that fraud Bernie Sanders. (Credit due to Bernie: by seducing us with false hopes, he led millions of us into the forefront of political corruption. Seeing Deep State’s crimes exposed in real time, subsequently we became #BernersForTrump.)

I woke up slightly before that, when Obama okayed drilling the Arctic. I couldn’t have felt more betrayed if Barry had personally shot a dozen polar bears. Hey, do you like how he’s on record terrorizing us about rising sea levels but he just bought a $15Million mansion right on the ocean front?

Once it was obvious what a complete phony Obama was, I added 2 + 2. The same government officials who helped cover up the truth about 9/11 also shilled for Hillary and committed perjury against Trump. The establishment isn’t just toxic corporations like Monsanto, it's secret societies. The cabal that controls mainstream media isn’t just ratings-driven, they’re actively distracting us from what’s most important. Despite the censorship efforts of Google/Youtube, you can still access copious evidence that our own government masterminded the attacks of September 11, 2001! It’s not that they don’t care how many Americans they kill. There is even evidence that – as long as they can get away with it like 9/11 – they want to kill as many of us as possible. Say what?

Full confession: I used to imagine we’d live in an ecological paradise, if only all Republicans were obliterated. I was just as indoctrinated as Antifa are now. I grew up near Big Sur so I know exactly how lovely the world can be without pollution. Reduce, re-use, recycle! I was conscious by the first Earth Day and learned about greenhouse gasses in 1978. Instead of using a car, I began riding my bike five miles over steep hills to get to school. It’s not hard to convince recycling bicyclists that humans in SUVs are pollution.

Hiroshima residents didn’t expect to die from an atom bomb. Folks in Nagasaki didn’t think an atrocity of that magnitude would be repeated in their own mass murder. Our government killed about 200,000 Japanese civilians. And you know that our Deep State kills us: even if you’re unaware of their complicity in 9/11, you at least know they sent our GIs to die in wars under false pretenses like the Gulf of Tonkin and “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Now, the climate "crisis" is used as a psy-op just as 9/11 was, to rob us of our rights. But why on Earth would our shadow government hope to kill millions of American civilians?

When all else fails, use logic. Isn't it reasonable that elites have conspired to keep and increase their power? You don’t have to credit the Georgia Guidestones or UN’s Agenda 21 to suspect the worst of our shadow government. You can just look at what topics are portrayed as too ridiculous to address. The #1 rule of state propaganda is: Laugh! What do you automatically scoff at? What do you reflexively consider ludicrous? No offense but I bet you are just as brainwashed as I was. Humility can ease your transition to Eyes Wide Open.

You may laugh at me now: the most powerful politicians in the West evidently engage in ceremonial fucks that sometimes involve ritual murder. They may not really believe in satanic witchcraft or crave demonic possession but the Luciferian religion is used to mind-control or blackmail them into submission. And that death cult may well intend to exterminate most of us under the guise of “saving the environment.” Their members will sigh that we Deplorables had to be sacrificed. Research indicates that their final-solution techniques are stealthy like viruseswildfires and poisons. Sadly, it’s not inconceivable they’d stage an atomic “accident” over the middle of USA. (Abolishing the Electoral College accomplishes that politically, but Luciferians are nature worshipers who’d love Trump’s base to become fertilizer for a wildlife corridor.)

I know, it’s hard to believe anyone can be so sociopathic. But to them, a cavalier attitude toward murder is just “mastering death.” They’re elevated to positions of power precisely because they’re the sort of people who don’t hesitate to kill anyone problematic. Please consider their evil intent for the same reason we address global warming: the possible extent of its destructive force outweighs the chance that it doesn’t exist.
The scientists are NOT certain!

But what can you do about it? Here’s an idea: when folks like me launch projects to save the environment, you say, “Bravo! Good for you! Just make sure you expose Deep State while you’re at it, okay?” Otherwise we’re just driving down the cost of ocean-front property so phonies like Obama can cash in on bigger mansions.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

When is Eco-Feminism Satanic?

Is Democracy my religion? You could say voting was good for our souls, since votes were the foundation for all our rights. Destruction of democracy debased humanity. After our ruling crime cabal killed President Kennedy (yes, I recommend reading Devil’s Chessboard), they proceeded to turn all elections nationwide into a farce. Campaign signs that our neighbors sport are like ads for a Ponzi scheme selling pots to chickens. Key positions in all government are controlled by blackmail, satanism and worse. Of course you already knew that mainstream media “news and entertainment” is designed to divert attention from that travesty.

Each one of us matters in a Democracy. With a voice in government, an ordinary individual can take a stand on behalf of our local communities, our country and all womankind, mankind, and kindness itself. Kindness is a word that implies we are all kin, all alike in some way, and all related. You are my family. Our taxes go to crooks; politicians make fools of us; and your kids die in their wars of aggression. I personally will fight to the death for our human rights and our Democracy.

I’m cheating: I was born an altruist. My Republican parents tried to insult me by calling me a “born Democrat” because I always put the underdog first. At my birth, the Titanic was not a completely archaic memory and it was culturally correct to say, “Women and children first.” Phenomena like “widows and orphans charities” were accepted as life-savers for the most vulnerable casualties of fate. Now we’re aware of the drawbacks of a “victim mentality” but I still cherish what sets females and kids apart. Picture an infant suckling at a warm bosom and tell me the head bobbing on that spindly neck isn’t sacred in its frailty. That vulnerability is only strengthened when it’s attacked, at least on the archetypal plane: femininity is soft, not armored; gentle, not brute; emotional, not robotic; and caring, not cold.

Tenderness is feeble as a fad. Pity rarely pays the bills. Yet worship of the Madonna may be profitably exploited in some corners to prey on atavistic longings for Mother. Hindus have a benign version, with sacred cows strolling through city traffic in India, their milk revered as symbol of life itself. Of course I respect that (and love chai). What I want to turn a spotlight on here is a perverted version of maternal love that has helped destroy Democracy.

I stumbled on it by accident. I attend personal-growth events that release inhibitions. So I went to a “drumming and dance” workshop where beautiful frame drums were for sale. We were taught rudiments of a Tarantella. The instructor was distracted with seasonal allergies but I had fun. Having loved drumming and playing African djembe for years, I was intrigued by a new way to use my hands. The woman’s percussion technique could be learned at a week-long retreat in Italy (she announced between sneezes). She herself was Sicilian or thereabouts, from somewhere on the sole of the ancient Roman boot. Mafia thugs are still common down there but the retreat would be safely up in Tuscany.

I was commencing my second divorce. I decided to make myself scarce while my husband came to terms with his accomplishments. As a good wife, I belly danced in public to maintain his affections. But he frequented strip clubs from the day I’d met him, a fact that may account for his being an inert audience in bed. He was a history major and I’d been enthralled by his grasp of dramatic events of the past. Our future, however, became a null.

So I signed up to transition in Europe. I bought a hostel membership and six-week Eurail pass that I planned to use after Tuscany. I had lugged heavy baggage through Europe before: burned in my memory was my English mother nagging me along a Swiss back road to some quaint B&B near Montreux, our suitcases dragging my chubby teenage arms like snagged anchors. So this time, I fitted everything I’d need into one nifty overnight-sized backpack with wheels. I’d wash clothes by hand every night. I’d even give things away as I went along. The most precious gift would be my used copy of Confederacy of Dunces. Though one of my favorite books, I hadn’t read that novel for a decade or more. The protagonist Ignatius would be a comedic companion for my foray into the future of whoever I was becoming.

One improvement: I had to get serious about avoiding gluten. Wheat gave me a sort of hay fever. Fortunately the Tarantella retreat would be at an organic farmhouse resort that accommodated special diets. So I requested a simple bowl of rice whenever the meals were gluten-based. “Please don’t go to any bother!” I had to get used to a bland diet if I wanted to get healthy.

Long story short, I found myself in a remote location in the Tuscan hills where I was declared impossibly demanding by a group of twenty ~ by best estimation ~ witches. Rice wasn’t my only offense. Having invested in a week to learn the complicated hand-drumming technique, I made the mistake of complaining that there was no drum available for me to buy or practice on. Ironically requiring white dresses, swaying in a circle, the “Tarantella” turned out to be an excuse for public orgasms: the dancer in the center spasmed in crab position like a spider, hence the tarantella from the Italian for tarantula. She’d thrust her pubis to the sky while the Italian woman tried to drum us all into a trance. The ruse is it releases our "true nature." I enjoy sexuality but would like to draw attention to the side effects of that frenzied display. Those creatures swarmed to excoriate me for my bowl of rice. I shouldn’t have assumed a drum would be available for me to learn drumming at a drumming workshop but I didn’t need twenty people ganging up on me. I’m small, squeaky, altruistic, and smile even while getting divorced.
The Bush/Clinton cabal is well documented

The Italian woman – whose name sounded like Baloney – turned out to be a cult figure. One of her adherents snarled at me, “You knew this workshop was for the Black Madonna! What did you expect?” I had barely been aware of the Black Madonna and had no idea the retreat was for witches only. I thought blackness was just a symbol of racial inclusivity. I had no inkling that the aim of the workshop wasn’t drumming or dancing but rather the cultivation of an us-versus-them viciousness.

I think the retreat started on a Monday and by Thursday, I felt threatened and possibly in peril from the other (in my eyes) increasingly hysterical participants. (Not helping: Baloney’s sidekick was a shaman from Brazil.) The schedule that Thursday evening was a group discussion in the rustic resort’s large lounge. While the Tarantella teacher held court, I mentioned defensively that I’d attended several “ecstatic dance” events in California as well as Oregon.

The cult leader sneered, “All those California people are just fakes.”

I was astounded at her generalization, needless to say. Although the crowd of almost two dozen were nodding obediently, I decided not to be silenced. I hastened to comment that I’d traveled to Europe in part to connect spiritually with my murdered Jewish relatives. “I heard that the director of “Life is Beautiful” lives nearby in Florence! I love that movie. Before I saw that film, I didn’t know Jews were killed in Italy.”

The cult leader was an old woman with long stringy black hair and big, dark eyes lined with kohl. She wore elegant gypsy clothes. I might not have a prejudice against stereotypical witches if that woman hadn’t snapped back at me, “NO Jews were killed in Italy!” Do you question that she would claim anything so ignorant? Let me add now that she also said 9/11 was deserved.

Innocent victims? Hello? This was 2002 and the cult leader reportedly not only lived in Manhattan but had a position at the Cathedral of St John the Divine!

I’d figured out that the blackness of that cult’s Madonna referred to what was hidden, nocturnal and sneaky. It was too late to leave that night but I slept with one eye open – my Vietnamese roommate masturbating loudly, by the way – and arranged a ride to the bus stop the next day. I thanked the gracious cooks and other charming farmhouse staff (the manager gave me a knowing look.) My white lace dress I left for the sweet Italian chambermaid. (I’ve learned subsequently that the white clothing is required for ritually staining with blood.)

I’d read most of Confederacy of Dunces at that point, feet up in the lounge. My giggling at its humor no doubt annoyed the hostile cult surrounding me. I decided to rip off the last forty pages or so that I had yet to read, offering the bulk of the book to whoever wanted a delightful experience. The witches expressed their disgust. “How dare you destroy a book like that?!”

“I got it for a dollar at a thrift store. It’s just too heavy for me to carry around. If you don’t want it, I guess I’ll throw it away.” I didn’t tell the tarantula harpies that the protagonist Ignatius had loomed like a guardian angel for me all that week, protecting me from their toxic bites.

When I returned home from Europe, I finally researched the Black Madonna. In my view, it’s a perversion of eco-feminism. By exalting a leader, any cult is anathema to Democracy; Baloney’s cult affects that you’re only worthwhile if you subscribe to a certain world view centered around your genitals and your membership in a crowd that engulfs you like a uterus. The warmth you find within a cult will turn to hatred the minute you’re not “in.”

Have you read Confederacy of Dunces? It would be too academic of me to contrast Ignatius to the deviousness of witchcraft: he’s intellectual, bumbling, idealistic, and defers to the Wheel of Fortune. You can read on the very first page the simple truth that he’s one person, standing alone. I do subscribe to his sentiment of “Workers of the world, unite!” That refers to people joining to create a better world. It doesn’t mean crawling into the womb-like influence of a charismatic sociopath who appeals to your base appetites as the basis for belonging. She promises you power while robbing you of true potency. Incantations and tricks to impose your will may build an illusion of control over life but are the opposite of God’s grace. No matter how much the spineless and craven may boost their egos by identifying with such a beast, what good is an ego with fake individuality anyway? Satanists and their handlers love creating a mob mentality to degrade people and drag us to their level.

Judge this by its cover

Here’s a thought experiment about objects: if our spirits were something inhuman, what would we be? I might be a treebark-bound book about courage, love and wit. The Tarantula cult would be spiders focused on fornication and biting.

When I arrived at the retreat, of course I tried to spark a friendship with individuals, for instance the Norwegian headache sufferer to whom I gave a massage. I’m grateful to those novices for showing me what a person is like before they fall completely under the sway of a cult leader. The satanic cults that the CIA has fomented since the 1960s serve to attack and sometimes murder anyone who crosses our ruling cabal. The Brazilian man and the twenty women I met in Tuscany are representative faces now when I am in a crowd and wonder, “Which of these normal-looking people may be programmed to harm me?” I feel less fear than pity and disgust.

I’m helping eyewitness victims expose crimes of our Luciferian elites. I hope you join me. But I’m not waiting for either followers or leaders. To me, Democracy means that each one of us has something to offer humanity that is sacred. We’re each a seed growing on our mother Earth. Our souls are the fruit.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Angelina Jolie had a Slave as a Child

"My taxes go for national security" may be what we learned in civics class but must make way for new information, for instance, that our taxes paid for the 9/11 pulverization of the World Trade Center and Building Seven

Another mind-jarring revelation? 
The assassination attempt on President Reagan included a second patsy besides Hinckley.

Who cares? If mainstream media's vicious attitudes toward our current POTUS are any indication, Trump may be murdered by the same cabal of perpetrators.

Randal Turner in 2017 still looks like "Muratti" in 1981
Randal Turner's facial features match old photos from the shooting of President Reagan. Why was he carrying the nuclear briefcase for Reagan that day in 1981? Turner believes he was a sixteen year old MKUltra victim set up to be another patsy alongside Hinckley.

Randal Turner came forward a month ago with his claims.

Till last year, Hinckley was ostensibly held in a CIA-linked psychiatric facility for 35 years. By contrast, Turner says he succeeded in exonerating himself in court. The records of that trial were sealed on the grounds of "national security."

The real Muratti has a shorter nose 
than Randy Turner
The official story was that the guy in the photos was Reagan's usual aide Jose Muratti. Contending he was disguised with his hair dyed, Turner himself says, "It took Jose Muratti's sister confirming he was with her (during the shooting) for me to win my case." Turner now urges Muratti's sister to come forward again to help him correct the history books.

Jodie Foster supposedly
obsessed Hinckley

Turner's videos on Youtube 

Roger Stone fingers Bush

Of course then-VP Bush Sr. has long been suspected of arranging the attack. For one thing, Bushes are related to and were friends with the Hinckley family. One rumor is that the family's IRS and other debts were erased.

According to Randal Turner, immediately after the shots, he ran toward the entrance to the hotel. "Hacking the Headlines" noticed that he looks like a skinny sixteen-year old as he runs and not a 39-year-old Lt. Colonel who in the photo below appears to tower over 6'1" tall Reagan.
Muratti at center beside 6'1" Reagan

Roger Stone also sees a cover up:
“The angle at which the bullet enters Reagan could not have come from the crouching position of Hinckley and if it bounced off a door, where’s the chip of paint or evidence that it did? There’s none. The government won’t release any of these records."

Randal Turner was sixteen years old and carrying the nuclear football.

Turner claims that news media lied. A commenter online recalls:
"ABC-TV Reporter Jessica Savitch [RIP 1983] was on scene live, on the other side of the limo, and when the shooting started.... she said, "There's a man on that BALCONY with a RIFLE". The feed immediately cut away from her and NEVER went back to her." -Fred762

Turner was designed to be a Manchurian candidate; he describes the effects of MKUltra programming:
"I have an alternative [personality] they can control, make him do things like what they had me do when Reagan was shot. It is possible they had me shoot him but I can't recall anything after hearing a woman yell 'Mr. Reagan! Mr. President!' then I draw a blank until I recall looking around on the ground with chaos around me. I got up and ran to the limo, grabbed the door handle then they took off. I then ran towards the upper Hilton, saw a cop and told him to take me where Reagan was."

Another corroborating detail: the official narrative skips that Turner was in the back of the police cruiser and locked the back door of the car when security tried to put Hinckley inside with him. The press covered the video up of somebody in the back seat.
"Then took me to the police station and tried to take the [nuclear] codes from me, starting beating me up calling me a little punk..." - R. Turner
Turner/"Muratti's" face is rarely visible at the shooting

One motive for the assassination attempt was leverage for a trade agreement with China. Reagan's anti-communist stance had particularly hampered the interests of American weapons and tech industries.

Turner says, "The FBI held the [nuclear] codes for 2 days until Bush took control of things at the White House and the trade agreement. [Bill] Gates' father had something to do with convincing the FBI as he is the one who spoke with them on the phone."

The court case that cleared Turner of any wrongdoing awarded him a $10 Million settlement which he never received. He also had been promised shares of Microsoft for helping Bill Gates to manufacture in China by convincing Reagan to change the trade agreement.

"The FBI later found out that two of their agents were involved [in the shooting], they fired the agents and then led me to believe I was going to get not just my settlement money but my shares of Microsoft. Again they ended up drugging me and making me do crap to make me look bad, [Bill] Gates was behind what they did so he didn't have to give me my shares."
Elsewhere, Turner explained that the criminal masterminds enslaving him turned him into a Hollywood agent for the kids of celebrities to act in "reality" TV shows. He invested his fees in newly booming Microsoft whose CEO lived nearby. In exchange for influencing the China trade, Turner was offered more shares in Microsoft; he claims it amounted to a one-third ownership! That's credible if Bill Gates and Paul Allen had the contract destroyed: it's like a store offering an irresistable sale on an item that's not in stock.

What was Randy Turner's entree into Hollywood? He was used as a nanny for Angelina Jolie when she was a tiny girl. 

UPDATE/CORRECTION from Randy Turner:

"I was being trained to become an agent for up and coming Hollywood stars. Hal Holbrook was teaching me to be a shrewd negotiator. The reality TV crap came much later after I made an agreement with those who were using kids in videos that they held over the heads of those they were going to make stars. They also created reality TV shows like Deadliest Catch, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars and a few others I recall. They were supposed to stop abusing kids in the agreement. These reality stars were supposed to be my clients and pay me 15% like most Hollywood actors pay their Agents. This was part of the deal they made with my alternate/MKUltra personality. I realize how crazy this all sounds but if you question those people who work on those shows they should confirm this."

Turner sums up,
"I have lost everything in my life because I tried to stop some wealthy and powerful people from abusing kids. For that, I was drugged, tortured and turned into a slave to the elitists. If you had any clue of the things they did to me and things they made me do while drugged up, you would be screaming at the top of your lungs."
Please support this fearless man!

Randal Turner exposes an angle of history that the CIA and other powers driving the shadow government smear as "conspiracy theories." Members of the "Deep State" have operated behind that curtain at least since killing John F. Kennedy. Any wonder that, decades later, their crimes seem exaggerated into a monstrosity unimaginable for us puny taxpaying peons?

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