Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A wild New Year for our tribe

Celebrate with me! This year I met Singapore's most illustrious (lady) shark advocate; Costa Rica's (lady) jaguar champion; and India's (lady) army of lion rangers.

And our project gained a snow-leopard spokes-gentleman in Switzerland with a deep connection to Tibet's Dalai Lama. Fear not: networking all over the world has given teeth to "Fanged Wilds" (Click for photos.) Thanks for adding your own smile to those teeth!
ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ་། (thanks) Tenzin!

This month I tracked paw prints in Transylvanian snow. There, bears, wolves and lynx are at home in the mountains as they have been for millennia. May they find refuge in more places, tended by our tribe, folks like you.

Wolves are even spotted near Paris. Farmers there receive over $400 for a sheep kill. 

As you know, what communities get from predators is so much more: this howl: "Killing nature may be the death of our own species."

We will survive!

Extinction is final. Climate Change is animal abuse. I don't get money for defending those animals, I get a soul more immense than death. Since the first Earth Day in 1970, environmentalism has failed. Yet bonafide miracles have transpired from Fanged Wilds. The least of those was that, instead of profiting the (horribly polluting) airline industry, I've been able to fly at their expense. Look for miracles in your own life as we continue to honor ALL creation... even the bloodthirsty beasts in the dark caves of Transylvania (or wherever their blameless fangs may shine.)

Does the humor of our project inspire creative action from otherwise passive ladies?
Singapore fur
I prove what one small, squeaky "hag" can do for the planet. Like a sexy bimbo making a man look good, Fanged Wilds draws attention to wildlife, bolstering more forgettable conservation efforts. While I have fun, my sacrifice of dignity and livelihood is moral authority over the capitalist juggernaut driven by consumerism.
Lombok isn't all garbage

Not that I don't like plastic. In Lombok I met a young Australian tourist who was scared of snorkeling because of Great Whites. I convinced Sarah that swimming with reef sharks wasn't just safe, it's phenomenal. With glee I gifted her my own plastic snorkel. Imagine all the delights she soon discovered.

Yes, Sarah may be eaten by a Great White. It'll be my fault. Darn!

Grabbing a Fanged Wilds flyer
I couldn't believe Kathy Xu (of The Dorsal Effect) used the F-word but she really did in one of her pleas. Should I take that step? Our ecosystem is so f#ked, acts of desperation are probably too late. But please believe that real magic has happened to me that wouldn't have occurred without my (traveling alone, going public against violent opponents, putting myself last) risking martyrdom. 
At first I was afraid. I was petrified. Embrace danger!

Like sharks, "Fanged Wilds" keeps moving forward.Thanks for joining this journey.
♪♫Tonight I'm going to party like nature was still in 1999.♪♫
Here's to the future of our wild LIFE!

V.C. Bestor

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