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Angelina Jolie had a Slave as a Child

"My taxes go for national security" may be what we learned in civics class but must make way for new information, for instance, that our taxes paid for the 9/11 pulverization of the World Trade Center and Building Seven

Another mind-jarring revelation? 
The assassination attempt on President Reagan included a second patsy besides Hinckley.

Who cares? If mainstream media's vicious attitudes toward our current POTUS are any indication, Trump may be murdered by the same cabal of perpetrators.

Randal Turner in 2017 still looks like "Muratti" in 1981
Randal Turner's facial features match old photos from the shooting of President Reagan. Why was he carrying the nuclear briefcase for Reagan that day in 1981? Turner believes he was a sixteen year old MKUltra victim set up to be another patsy alongside Hinckley.

Randal Turner came forward a month ago with his claims.

Till last year, Hinckley was ostensibly held in a CIA-linked psychiatric facility for 35 years. By contrast, Turner says he succeeded in exonerating himself in court. The records of that trial were sealed on the grounds of "national security."

The real Muratti has a shorter nose 
than Randy Turner
The official story was that the guy in the photos was Reagan's usual aide Jose Muratti. Contending he was disguised with his hair dyed, Turner himself says, "It took Jose Muratti's sister confirming he was with her (during the shooting) for me to win my case." Turner now urges Muratti's sister to come forward again to help him correct the history books.

Jodie Foster supposedly
obsessed Hinckley

Turner's videos on Youtube 

Roger Stone fingers Bush

Of course then-VP Bush Sr. has long been suspected of arranging the attack. For one thing, Bushes are related to and were friends with the Hinckley family. One rumor is that the family's IRS and other debts were erased.

According to Randal Turner, immediately after the shots, he ran toward the entrance to the hotel. "Hacking the Headlines" noticed that he looks like a skinny sixteen-year old as he runs and not a 39-year-old Lt. Colonel who in the photo below appears to tower over 6'1" tall Reagan.
Muratti at center beside 6'1" Reagan

Roger Stone also sees a cover up:
“The angle at which the bullet enters Reagan could not have come from the crouching position of Hinckley and if it bounced off a door, where’s the chip of paint or evidence that it did? There’s none. The government won’t release any of these records."

Randal Turner was sixteen years old and carrying the nuclear football.

Turner claims that news media lied. A commenter online recalls:
"ABC-TV Reporter Jessica Savitch [RIP 1983] was on scene live, on the other side of the limo, and when the shooting started.... she said, "There's a man on that BALCONY with a RIFLE". The feed immediately cut away from her and NEVER went back to her." -Fred762

Turner was designed to be a Manchurian candidate; he describes the effects of MKUltra programming:
"I have an alternative [personality] they can control, make him do things like what they had me do when Reagan was shot. It is possible they had me shoot him but I can't recall anything after hearing a woman yell 'Mr. Reagan! Mr. President!' then I draw a blank until I recall looking around on the ground with chaos around me. I got up and ran to the limo, grabbed the door handle then they took off. I then ran towards the upper Hilton, saw a cop and told him to take me where Reagan was."

Another corroborating detail: the official narrative skips that Turner was in the back of the police cruiser and locked the back door of the car when security tried to put Hinckley inside with him. The press covered the video up of somebody in the back seat.
"Then took me to the police station and tried to take the [nuclear] codes from me, starting beating me up calling me a little punk..." - R. Turner
Turner/"Muratti's" face is rarely visible at the shooting

One motive for the assassination attempt was leverage for a trade agreement with China. Reagan's anti-communist stance had particularly hampered the interests of American weapons and tech industries.

Turner says, "The FBI held the [nuclear] codes for 2 days until Bush took control of things at the White House and the trade agreement. [Bill] Gates' father had something to do with convincing the FBI as he is the one who spoke with them on the phone."

The court case that cleared Turner of any wrongdoing awarded him a $10 Million settlement which he never received. He also had been promised shares of Microsoft for helping Bill Gates to manufacture in China by convincing Reagan to change the trade agreement.

"The FBI later found out that two of their agents were involved [in the shooting], they fired the agents and then led me to believe I was going to get not just my settlement money but my shares of Microsoft. Again they ended up drugging me and making me do crap to make me look bad, [Bill] Gates was behind what they did so he didn't have to give me my shares."
Elsewhere, Turner explained that the criminal masterminds enslaving him turned him into a Hollywood agent for the kids of celebrities to act in "reality" TV shows. He invested his fees in newly booming Microsoft whose CEO lived nearby. In exchange for influencing the China trade, Turner was offered more shares in Microsoft; he claims it amounted to a one-third ownership! That's credible if Bill Gates and Paul Allen had the contract destroyed: it's like a store offering an irresistable sale on an item that's not in stock.

What was Randy Turner's entree into Hollywood? He was used as a nanny for Angelina Jolie when she was a tiny girl. 

UPDATE/CORRECTION from Randy Turner:

"I was being trained to become an agent for up and coming Hollywood stars. Hal Holbrook was teaching me to be a shrewd negotiator. The reality TV crap came much later after I made an agreement with those who were using kids in videos that they held over the heads of those they were going to make stars. They also created reality TV shows like Deadliest Catch, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars and a few others I recall. They were supposed to stop abusing kids in the agreement. These reality stars were supposed to be my clients and pay me 15% like most Hollywood actors pay their Agents. This was part of the deal they made with my alternate/MKUltra personality. I realize how crazy this all sounds but if you question those people who work on those shows they should confirm this."

Turner sums up,
"I have lost everything in my life because I tried to stop some wealthy and powerful people from abusing kids. For that, I was drugged, tortured and turned into a slave to the elitists. If you had any clue of the things they did to me and things they made me do while drugged up, you would be screaming at the top of your lungs."
Please support this fearless man!

Randal Turner exposes an angle of history that the CIA and other powers driving the shadow government smear as "conspiracy theories." Members of the "Deep State" have operated behind that curtain at least since killing John F. Kennedy. Any wonder that, decades later, their crimes seem exaggerated into a monstrosity unimaginable for us puny taxpaying peons?

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Death, Taxes and Earth Day

Fake tits are probably not the most revered form of feminine beauty. "Artificial" is an alternative to "natural." We look to nature for what's authentic, what fits "organically" into our ideals.

I'm no purist. I've had plenty of fun surrounded by silk flowers and gilded plastic. (And I got a fortune cookie!)

Meanwhile, I imagine that many in our chattering classes are offended by "The Donald" because of his flamboyant trumpery. "And my pussy hat was hand-knitted by a vegan sister out of organic wool dyed pink with sustainably grown beet root!" Bravo. (McResistance™ via #SorosMoney ...but honestly, bravo.)

Once someone has turned on a dime and, say, campaigned and "fixed" for a known phony proven to commit election fraud and other treasonous crimes, I don't value that first person's former reputation for integrity. Integrity to me is like an ecosystem. Even with a pile of CIA syringes in the middle, an ecosystem may function. Destroying our votes and selling a war with Russia based on lies and false flags, however, is irremediable pollution. I've come to think that Bernie Sanders' nostalgic blaming of corporations (and also his #blameRussia & #SyriaHoax) serve primarily to distract us from the deep-state mafia. Yet (just between you and me) his adherents cling to past glory as if they're humping a blowup doll. After endorsing rigged elections, Bernie creates the illusion that our votes will ever count. The current theater around him serves to rebuild his "street cred" for further use in the pink-color revolution. Bernie is "controlled opposition" and a toxic fraud.

Who am I to judge? Well, that's the thing.

I see your pink pussy hat and raise you a leopard print.

Leopard print isn't just for tacky wannabes. I see it everywhere as a reminder that I'm a wild beast.

Recall that I'm founding director of I focus on apex predators. It keeps my eyes on the front of my head (so to speak). I don't glance nervously from side to side, worried I'll get eaten. Why be fodder?

Though the top predators in our environment proliferate unhindered, killing indiscriminately and then preening, I don't let their displays distract me from my own hunt. I stalk, seek their weaknesses, and then dog and harry them. When my body wearies, I can still play with thoughts of my prey. I'm nobody; I'm coyote-like at best. But I'm getting better at my hunt, bringing our ecosystem back into balance. Others can see and emulate my techniques.
Stalking readers wary of gore

 And in my own mind, I'm king of the jungle, paradoxically integrated into a reality beyond illusions.

Happy Tax Day! Happy Earth Day!

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Would you punch Valentine's Day in the heart?

Valentine's is almost here and it's official: I'm dating the Zeitgeist. This is a surprise. We'd been casual and "it's complicated" since Trump won the White House. Our typical conversation had been along these lines:
Me: "Black lives matter, right, honey?"
Zeitgeist: "Not all cops are bad. They don't all shoot unarmed people."
Me: "I know but... well, I am glad we're not in Hillary's nuclear war with Russia."
Z: "'Black Lives Matter' movement is bankrolled behind the scenes by George Soros. You know that, right?"
Me: "Darling, I love you but do you have to always mention Soros?"
Z: "Destabilizing society with identity politics distracts the public from noticing financial crimes that go right to the top."
Me: Sweetie, you get so uptight about stuff. Hey, let's go for a walk! There's a nice march downtown. Here, just put on this pink pussy hat I knitted for you--"
Zeitgeist and I took a break for about a week. I thought it was over. Then out of the blue he calls and asks if I'd punch a Nazi.

I scoffed, "No, of course not. Nazis have guns," but then he chuckled and directed me to a video online of Milo Yiannopoulos. What can I say? I'd missed the Zeitgeist, our off-the-cuff joking and the intensity of our interactions. I'd like to say I'd never punch anyone... but a floppy gay British toff who's afraid of feminists does make an easy target. "Well, I guess, if he disses me for having an abortion, I might show him my fist."
Zeitgeist: "What about his First Amendment rights?"
I said I'd get right back to him. Confused, I called a girlfriend. "Should I see Zeitgeist again?"
Friend: He's a Nazi! Punch him!
I thanked her for her free speech and hung up. She hadn't taken into account that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I know it's corny but I just love to celebrate love. I moonlighted for a florist one year and delivered bouquets in office buildings; it made an impression when I saw the faces of all the people at their desks who didn't get flowers. Since then, I love to greet anyone with "Happy Valentine's Day" as if it were our secret rendezvous and surprise party! Our hello can be an invisible magic flower of camaraderie. We might share a private eye roll, meaning, "Valentine's, ha! Romance ain't what it's cracked up to be. Ha ha!" In that moment we've created a sparkle of affection.

So I balk at everyone suddenly throwing punches at this time of year. Maybe they spend more time playing video games than I, so they imagine their punches are like killing Hitler as a baby and thereby saving 6 million Jews, Roma, disabled people, gay guys and resistors.

Zeitgeist needs me!
"Resistors" in the current political climate is ironic. Resisting Trump is something the Democrats could have done better before they cheated Bernie Sanders and sabotaged democracy with DNC election fraud. "The (quote) Resistance" is spearheaded by shills who exemplify the entrenched corruption of the establishment. They're as counter-culture as the Starbucks whose windows their dupes and paid goons may smash.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a goon of another sort, a gay man using his skills as a stand-up comedian to trigger identity-politics clashes. But why isn't it politically correct to protest -- as he does -- Muslim countries that punish homosexuality with death? Maybe it's just the Valentine's mood I'm in; I'd abort his baby but Milo's judgment that Islam oppresses women seems spot-on.

Sexist clothes are culturally imposed... but cute

So anyway... long story short... Zeitgeist and I are back together.


-- with best wishes from VC Bestor, 
Director of the non-profit

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