Monday, July 6, 2015

Have I mastered the Humble Brag?

Monday is a good day to enter a contest: Monday is a contest.

What's my big idea? This:
Women connect with wild predators and excite love for nature's power... and our own!

Why did you start?
I dated a famous wolf researcher and realized animals are vital to women: we'll be much happier if lions, tigers and bears don't go extinct.

What or who motivates you to keep going?
Women around the world (like the Black Mambas in South Africa) are saving wild predators; when I cheer them on, I feel vicarious joy from their successes.

Who are you helping and what impact are you trying to achieve?
Every little girl or old lady can imagine protecting dangerous beasts in the forest or ocean. Wildlife helps us breathe more deeply.

Why do you need your story told?
Don't miss the opportunity to join me howling and roaring for the benefit of our whole planet. Life is thrilling when we embrace danger for the good of all!

What does success look like to you?
Success may be each woman baring her "fangs" with a triumphant smile and celebrating biodiversity with a fabulous flourish of leopard-print anywhere in the world.

Tell us a story you share with friends and family when talking about your passions.
I wrote a fantasy novel in 2009 about all-women anti-poaching teams saving predators. It turned out such a team was created just then in Gir, India. Last year I got to go meet them!

[One contest I won't enter is the St. Andrew's Prize for Greenwashing Big Oil!]